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Optical encoders

CODECHAMP offers a wide range of rotary optical encoders - incremental, absolute single turn and multiturn - : miniaturized or large diameters encoders, solid or hollow shaft encoders, encoders with bearings or pancake encoders. All our encoders are mechanically adapted to the requirements of various applications mainly in the following fields of activity: defence, industry, civil nuclear and space.

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Product Definition helps
  • Are you looking for an accurate and high resolution position sensor; an optical technology and an integrated digital output?
  • A product efficient even in extreme environment ?
  • A digital alternative to other angular position sensors (synchro-resolvers, inductosyns...)?

optical encoders

incremental encoders

Do you want to perform position and/or speed loop control ?

We help you find your optical encoder solution

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Data sheets of our new absolute optical encoder size 12

Data sheets of our new absolute optical encoder size 12

Are you looking for a potentiometers solution ?


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