Optical encoders

Rigorous quality controls

The complete manufacture of CODECHAMP encoders (from parts stock to the inspection of the finished product) is carried out under Class 100.000 Clean Room conditions.

All CODECHAMP encoders undergo reliability programmes :
  • Burn–in tests
  • In–process inspection
  • Thermal cycling
Each encoder is tested: in rotation at the specified range of temperatures and for accuracy. Each encoder is delivered with an Individual Control Register with all the results of the controls.

Encoders manufacture
Among our services we supply Product Assurance data packages including MTBF calculations, FMECA, Stress analyses according to standards applicable to the Defence, Aeronautic and Space Industries.

Approved qualifications

CODECHAMP is approved by AECMA EASE prEN 9100 version 2000 for design, the organization meets the requirements of its major clients. CODECHAMP is also qualified by the French and European Space Agencies (ESA, CNES). Our workshops have test and quality control systems adapted to the manufacturing requirements. Our success is based on rigorous quality control throughout the production process.

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